Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How Much Does a Garden Grow: October and November 2015

Why yes, I am, in fact, behind on this column.  But fall is a very forgiving time for managing the garden, with very little coming in.

I'm always surprised by the spring and fall garden.  Summer is fairly predictable; July and August will be the big months, I generally will get a lot of cucumbers unless the cucumber beetles hit, and I'll never get enough tomatoes.  But I'm never sure about fall.  Sometimes I get a lot of true fall crops, like squash and potatoes, and sometimes, like this year, I'm still finishing the summer up.

As I've mentioned, we hauled lots of containers inside this year, so I've been making small harvests of peppers, tomatoes, and salad greens.  Most of those have come to a halt now that November is over; the photos show almost the last peppers, which came in on December 1.

As far as totals, I brought in about a pound and a half of produce over the two months, for just a few bucks in profit.  Quite the change from previous months, of course.  But I still enjoy seeing what comes in.

Next month, I plan to do a garden summary of what worked and what didn't.  And, like all good gardeners, I'm already dreaming of seedlings and saying "wait til next year!"

Cumulative Totals

Harvest, Ounces: 2,326.0
Harvest, Pounds: 145.375
Harvest Value: $482.50

Expenditures: $141.40

Total Saved: $341.10

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