Monday, March 15, 2010

Falling Short of the Goal

Last week was a decidedly iffy week on the sustainability front, as you may have guessed from the presence of just one blog post.  So, let's look at how I did:

The Good:
  • I baked two loaves of bread.
  • I did all the week's laundry with my homemade laundry soap.
  • I sewed five new wash cloths from some terry cloth I found in the remnant bin at my favorite fabric store.
  • I heated the house with passive solar heat and good "window management" (that is, opening and closing curtains) for at least 48 total hours.
  • I nursed some baby tomato seedlings to life (Mortgage Lifters -- let's hope they live up to their name!) and repotted a few pepper seedlings.
  • I actually remembered to turn off the power supply to the in-house DSL network on Friday night, so I wasn't drawing unused power all weekend.
The Bad:
  • I made two trips to the grocery that should have been rolled into one.  In my defense, I had some horrible Midwestern sinus thing going on, and one trip was just to get some OTC medication to get me through, while the next night I actually got supplies and did my banking run.
  • I forgot to throw my lingerie bag of used-but-reusable make-up wipes in the laundry, so if I don't find a load for them in the next two days, I'm back to cotton balls until I do.
  • I bumped the heat up a few degrees when the cold weather came back.  (See above-mentioned horrible Midwestern sinus thing.)
  • I let a pint of blueberries die of neglect.
So how did I do?  On the one hand, I hate that I dropped a few balls in there.  But mostly, I'm proud that I have systems in place that get me through when my attention is divided.  On balance, even with a rough week, I think I did more good for budget and planet than I did bad.  That's the most any of us can do.
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  1. Thats really good showing that even the best plans dont always go perfect but good can be found in having a routine. Sounds normal to us.