Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deal of the Week

In the absence of an example of truly sustainable living, I decided today to blog (gloat?) about my two most recent great deals.  If nothing else, I hope they illustrate the kinds of deals you can get if you keep your eyes open.

First, when we purchased our new mattress a year ago, I was left with an orphaned flat sheet; the fitted sheet from the set simply didn't have deep enough pockets, but there was nothing wrong with the flat sheet.  Although I did buy (and get given as a gift) two sets of sheets that fit properly, I realized that I was only a fitted sheet short of a third set.  (I always have plenty of pillowcases, because sewing fleece ones and embroidering percale ones is one of my hobbies.)  With three sets, I would be able to wash sheets every other week, two sets at a time in my large capacity washer and on my large capacity outdoor line.

So, I waited until I had amassed enough reward certificates from my L.L. Bean credit card, which I use for regular purchases and pay off each month.  I saved up $30 of certificates, then found a lovely fitted sheet for $35.  If you pay with your L.L. Bean Visa, you also get free shipping and handling.  Therefore, one "new" set of sheets (plus every other week off from washing that load of laundry) was $5.  Score!

Then, our local Meijer had an offer in which you would receive a $10 coupon if you brought a new prescription into the pharmacy.  As it happens, my family had a one-time prescription we needed filled, so we took advantage of this.  I was able to go to the grocery  and get a bag of stuff I needed, which included some basics like pasta and beef bullion cubes, and I got $0.79 back!  Again, score!

These aren't necessarily approaches I will be able to easily repeat.  I can certainly save up cash back credit card coupons and use them to get something I need (which I do frequently with the L.L. Bean Visa, which I love because it also doesn't assess any fees for paying in full every month), but you only need a new prescription occasionally, and it is rare for that to line up with a great coupon offer.  Nonetheless, keep your eyes open, and I'll bet you can score a deal in your daily life.

What is the best deal you've gotten recently?
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