Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Fast, Cheap, and Good readers!

(The picture above has nothing to do with Thanksgiving; it is just a pretty shot of a bridge at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco this summer.  I wanted to share it with you.)

Today is an oasis of quiet before the seasonal storms of merriment, religious significance, and outright consumerism our culture seems to put on the five or six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Today, I'm not addressing any of that.

Rather, I wish you a holiday filled with joy; a day spent with family and friends (and don't forget, a holiday spent with a good book and a cozy fire also counts as time with friends!); and a celebration that makes you feel thankful for the blessings you have.

Let us all take this time to realize that, regardless of our circumstances or how tough the year may have been, we are all rich if we take the time to find and acknowledge our wealth.  Today is a day to take stock and gather strength before we head back out into the world to make our way.  We'll do it together, readers, and this holiday season and 2011 can be more sustainable, more independent, and more fulfilling than years before.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(And watch for the next post, when I will announce my new challenge:  Do Something Sustainable for the Holidays.)
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  1. Happy, happy to you too. recently discovered this blog and thankful for that. looking forward to your next post!