Friday, October 7, 2011

Flavored iced tea

An unseasonably warm day, and a glass of iced tea, waiting for me to escape my office and go out in the sun.  Ah!
With the garden slowing down, I have a number of other sustainable living projects to share with you.  However, today I thought I'd keep it quick and simple and give you this idea:  flavored iced tea.

Adding flavor to iced tea is nothing new, but I had the desire to to find some flavor without adding sweeteners of any kind.  Because we are less active in the fall and winter, I need to cut a few calories from my diet, and my daily Pepsi Throwback habit isn't cutting it from a weight or budget standpoint.

So, I made sun tea, but in the half gallon jar I also put one bag of vanilla chai tea.  The vanilla imparts a sweet flavor and the chai gives some spice, so I don't really crave the sugar at all.  This will be a nice change!
The Analysis

Fast:  If you are already making sun tea or refridgerator tea, it is no trick to pop a bag of flavored tea in there.

Cheap:  The cost of the extra tea bag is only a few cents; if I can eliminate 3-4 Pepsis a week, I will save over $1 and as much as 600 calories.  I am also not paying for the transportation of water.

Good:  I'm enjoying this as a beverage, and it is much more responsible too. 
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  1. I do make sun tea and that is an excellent idea. Thanks!