Friday, July 27, 2012

Egg Tea

When I was a kid, my parents spent a summer having our back patio enclosed as a porch.  Of course, I fell in love with the idea.  They let me fill it with plants, each of which I gave a name.  Some of those names are still penciled on the sides of clay pots that I used today.  And every day, I would go out and water my plants, wash their leaves when they were dirty, and fertilize them with natural methods I read about.  One of these is egg tea.

It is very simple:  The next time you crack some eggs, put those egg shells in some water to soak for a day or two, then use that water to water your plants.  Put the eggshells into the compost after.  The plants will love the extra burst of nutrition, especially if they are in containers.  Right now, even my garden-based tomatoes love the little extra shot of fertilizer.

And thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting me take over your new enclosed porch with a bunch of plants and vats of egg tea.  You had no idea what you were starting, did you?
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