Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sustainable Pin: Homemade Frappuccino

What a crazy week!  Thursday already, and I'm just getting the chance for my first blog post.  Whew!

I'm having enough fun with this Sustainable Pin column that I thought I'd offer another.  Today, it is a recipe for homemade frappuccinos as you would see bottled and sold for about $1.25 a bottle when under the Starbucks label.

Mr. FC&G loves frappuccinos.  We used to buy the bottled variety at the store for him to grab on the way out the door to work, but he quit drinking them because of the presence of HFCS.  Unfortunately, he needs something with caffeine to make sure he is awake to drive to his client sites, which sometimes require early mornings or late nights or both.  So he has switched to energy drinks, which are not a lot better.

Good thing I found this recipe by Christina Flis.  Go check it out.

OK, so the original recipe called for 10 cups of coffee, which is more than my percolator makes.  It turns out I had to adjust the recipe to work with the four cups of coffee I could make at a time, which was no problem.  Obviously, I didn't add the alcohol that Christina added for her birthday celebration, but I like the way she thinks, and I will take note for the future.

Four cups gave me about two and a half bottles of frap, which is good because I only have four of these bottles saved to fill with homemade drinks, although I suspect I will be adding to the supply.  I'm not a cold coffee person, and I thought these were yummy.  Mr. FC&G is a fan of cold coffee, and he liked that these had a bit more coffee flavor than do the name-brand variety.

In the future, I think I will save the extras from our morning coffee (from the pot, not from our cups!) in a carafe in the fridge, then make this recipe when I have 10 cups, which should happen every few days if I make a whole pot of coffee each day.  That will prevent me having to make pot after pot of coffee when I want to do a batch.

The Analysis

Fast:  The recipe is easy to make and easy to bottle if you have some empty, sterilized bottles and a funnel.  Even faster if the coffee is already made; I'm not worried about using "stale" coffee, because these will sit in the fridge anyway.

Cheap:  Even with the name-brand Bailey's creamer (which is totally worth it), this probably comes in at under $1 per batch instead of $1.25 per bottle.  If Mr. FC&G is going to drink something like this, it is cheaper if I make it for him.

Good:  Tasty, and no HFCS.  It is still high in sugar, so you can't drink these continually, but if you need something for a pick-me-up, this will hit the spot.

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