Friday, October 12, 2012

Fast, Cheap, and Good is Now on Kindle!

I'm super-excited to tell you that Fast, Cheap, and Good is now available for the Amazon Kindle and related apps.  You can see the Amazon listing here.

Through this program, readers who prefer to receive the blog on their Kindle, much as you might a magazine, will be able to subscribe for $0.99 per month.  The content is updated throughout the day, so you don't have to wait for a monthly digest, but you will have the convenience of having posts available on your Kindle.  I think this is a neat feature for a blog like this, because we feature so many recipes and DIY projects that may lend themselves more to being stored in the library format of a Kindle than to requiring you to visit the website or maintain a bookmark or printout of your favorite.

Of course, the content will remain free right here on the website, so the blog will continue to be fast, free, and good.  But if you prefer the Kindle reader or just want to help support journalism and commentary into sustainable living, I think this is a pretty affordable option.
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