Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How Much Does a Garden Grow: October

Well, it is nearly Thanksgiving, and I am grateful.  I'm grateful for a garden that so far this year has more than doubled my financial investment into it, which is a darn sight more than my other investments have done.  I'm grateful for the chance to be out in the sun and the soil.  And I'm grateful that my garden continues to produce as the fall ends and the winter begins.  

In October, the garden finished up its outdoor harvest.  A couple of pounds of potatoes.  Some peppers.  Some greens, some beans, and the first of the leeks.  A few potatoes that grew up as volunteers.  Basically, a couple of pounds of produce.

In October, we moved the gardening efforts inside in earnest, with the next few months dedicated to the things we can get from sunroom containers and outdoor cold frames.  But I will be especially grateful when it is time to fork that soil again.

2012 Tally to Date
157.8415 lbs. total harvested
$8.22 value of harvest from October
$465.31 value of harvest for 2012
$196.65 expenditures for 2012
$268.66 profit to date
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