Friday, July 5, 2013

How Much Does a Garden Grow: June 2013

Now the old spreadsheet is getting wide enough that I will have to split it in two parts next month!  But I think you can see some of the salient points for the harvest coming in for June.

  • The cucumbers just started to come in at the end of the month.  I found a store-bought price of $0.99 per pound, which I reserve the right to change later if I find an organic equivalent.  They are cheap, but they weigh up quickly.
  • The zucchini, of course, is practically a cash crop around here.  We have started to eat zucchini daily. 
  • Blueberries have been a pleasant surprise, with the farmers' market equivalents coming in at $5.00 per pint volume, which weighs out to 11 ounces on my scale.  Our bushes gave 15 ounces of blueberries in June and, as of this writing, are still cropping.
  • Radishes turned out to be a disappointment, bolting quickly before I could get very many to eat.  Sigh.  First real loss of the year. 
  • Peas and strawberries are container crops that I don't try to grow a lot of.  Nonetheless, they made for some great snacking while gardening.
  • Finally, the first harvests from my container potatoes brought in over a pound of fresh new potatoes, which were seriously yummy.  I currently have four containers growing and a number of volunteer potatoes in the garden.
There were no expenditures to report in June, so we are working off the initial investment and heading for some profit.  A total harvest of 4.75 pounds doesn't sound like much, but just you wait!  I have a good feeling about this gardening year!
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