Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lemon Ginger Honey Syrup

This is one of those ideas I'm pretty confident was making its way around Facebook some months ago, but I've lost the original link.  In any event, it is for homemade "cough syrup," and it is fantastic.

With cold and flu season ahead, it is nice to have something that around to help you fight off the bugs.  This combo of raw honey, organic lemon, and fresh ginger might do that; it certainly is a great flavoring.

Raw honey is typically said to have some antibacterial properties and to help you maintain a resistance to your local pollen allergies.  (That seems to be the case for me.)  Ginger is also reputed to have antibacterial properties as well as stomach-calming properties, while lemons are thought to be antibacterial and antiviral.

Put a healthy spoonful of this into a hot toddy made with organic tea and a splash of your favorite alcoholic beverage, and you have a cold remedy that boasts an awesome taste!

Lemon Ginger Honey Syrup
1 organic lemon
a few slices fresh ginger
raw honey

Wash and slice an organic lemon and place (with peel on) in a half-pint jar  Slice the ginger and place in jar.  Fill to the top with raw honey and store in the refrigerator; give it a couple of weeks to blend flavors, then use a tablespoon or so to flavor tea.

For food safety reasons, I would recommend starting each batch with a clean jar, fresh lemon, and fresh ginger slices, regardless how tempting it seems to just fill the jar back up with honey.

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