Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How Much Does a Garden Grow: February 2014

February is not a big harvest month, of course.  This month, we had only a couple of ounces of lettuces from our sunroom, and that one precious lemon I wrote about.  We anticipate more lettuce and some key limes this month.  So our total retail value for the year stands at $6.13.

However, February is the month for planting.  Right now, I have four varieties of peppers, some basil from home-saved seed, and some red pear tomatoes, all sprouted and living happily under grow lights. Ironically, these will be some of the last things to be harvested from our garden, but they all get their starts in chilly February.

Cumulative Totals
Total Ounces Harvest: 10
Pounds: .625

Total Value of Harvest: $6.13
Expenditures: -195.31
Total: $189.18

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