Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome Grit Readers!

Exciting news!

If you've been following this blog for a little or a long while, I've been keeping a secret from you since last fall: I have an article in the July/August issue of Grit!  Entitled "How Much Does a Garden Really Grow?," it details my efforts to save money by gardening during the 2013 season.  My copy just came in the mail, so it should be hitting the newsstand soon.  I'll post a link when one is available, but those of you who buy or subscribe can see it now.

My bio in that issue includes the blog address, so I hope that some of our newest readers have found their way here from the magazine's pages.  If so, welcome!

If you are interested in following my exploits in gardening for savings, the "How Much Does a Garden Grow" series continues.  As of the end of May, we were seriously in the red, but June is bringing the first harvests of baby carrots and blueberries, so things are starting to take shape.

Also, please explore the whole site and learn more about my approach to sustainability.  I believe sustainable living is a way to be more independent and to take control of our lives.  Every time we learn to do something for ourselves, it is one less thing that others have to do for us.  Sustainable living helps us respect the environment while respecting ourselves, others, and our pocketbooks -- and that's what I call Fast, Cheap, and Good!
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