Friday, August 7, 2015

How Much Does a Garden Grow: July 2015

And the garden is profitable!

July always brings a profitable garden, with the harvests finally overtaking the initial expenditures. This year, the garden zoomed into the black on July 23, and overall it wound up netting a "profit" of $82.57 thus far. The monthly harvest came in at around 62 pounds of produce, with a net value of just shy of $207.

What made up all that bounty?  Cucumbers were a huge contributor, with 508 ounces harvested through July 31 with a value of $81.28.  The blueberry harvest also finished up at an even three pounds for the year, a value of $12.00.  Basil and peas also contributed a bit, even though the critters ate my pea vines, which had to then recover before they could set any fruit.

The stand-out crop, however, was tomatoes.  Some of my most impressive totals to date:

  • Cuor di Bue: 209 ounces, $52.25
  • Black Krim: 113 ounces, $28.25
  • "Yulia:" 66 ounces, $16.50
The interesting thing to note is that both the Cuor di Bue and the Yulia are from saved seed, so there was no real initial investment; just pure profit!  The Black Krim were ordered at about an average price of $4 per plant, so still well in the black (no pun intended).  The San Marzanos, the other variety grown from seed, look poised for an August harvest.

I've already made a few quarts of pickles and a couple of jars of chili sauce from the bounty.  As we zoom into August, this is the month to put away as much food as we can that we will eat, so that our profit helps reduce our food bills into the fall and winter.

Cumulative Totals

Harvest, Ounces: 1052.0
Harvest, Pounds: 65.75
Harvest Value: $223.97

Expenditures: $141.40

Total Saved: $82.57

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