Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Results: Amaretto Cherries

Remember this summer when I put up a quart of amaretto cherries?  It was just a quart of organic tart pie cherries pitted and stuffed in a jar, then filled with amaretto and put in the fridge for six months.

Well, in the interest of complete journalistic follow-up, I had a glass of the cordial the other night, and it was out-of-this-world good!  The cherry flavor really came through, and the deep complexity of the amaretto was preserved as well.

The cherries themselves were quite good as well.  They took up a good bit of the alcohol, so they really packed a punch.  These would be so good on ice cream or on top of any other dessert, but you'll only want to have a few at a time!

I think this is a great way of preserving organic cherries if you can get them in season.  Obviously, you don't want to use conventionally-grown cherries, because there is absolutely no sense in using expensive sipping amaretto to leach pesticides and/or herbicides out of the fruit for you to drink!  But, if you have a good supply, I'd say this is a fine thing to put up for the winter, when you will really appreciate the results.

The Analysis

Fast:  Pitting the cherries takes a while, but putting them in a jar and filling it with amaretto does not.

Cheap:  Using the expensive alcohol means that this is far from an economical way to preserve cherries, but, really, you are getting a custom-made, gourmet cordial in the process, so it may work out in your favor.

Good:  Definitely the best thing to come from my preserving efforts of 2015!
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