Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sustainable Pin: The Shower Cleaning Wand

Ick, it's a picture of the corner of my shower!

Well, it still needs cleaned, but it's getting better. And that's thanks to an idea I saw on Pinterest.

As you know, cleaning our stupid plastic shower surround is a continual job. The very best way, as I've written, is by using our shower steamer.  That gets things the cleanest while using no harmful chemicals, but it takes some time to set up.

In between, we needed a way to do touch ups without using the expensive and harmful aerosol chemicals. So, I saw this pin on Pinterest and gave it a try.

Basically, this is a cheap dish washing wand with the reservoir filled half with white vinegar and half with Dawn dishsoap.  Both of those do a great job cutting the soap scum.  I just spend about 30 seconds when I get in the shower cleaning a corner or a panel, then rinse the head off and get on with my business.  I'm making a dent in the cleaning that needs to be done in there.

What I like about this idea is that the whole family could take part.  You could ask your kids to do the same thing when they take their showers, and everyone would play a role in keeping the shower clean.

Of course, it will still need steamed from time to time, but this is a nice touch-up and pretty friendly to your lungs and skin since you never touch harmful chemicals.

The Analysis

Fast:  Quick set-up and quick to use.

Cheap:  I think the wand was less than $2, and it uses only pennies of soap and vinegar.

Good:  I love this way to sort of keep up with my cleaning without waiting for "bathroom cleaning day."
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