Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring in the Garden

Spring has finally sprung in the garden! I've withheld doing a tally of harvests and expenditures because there was not much to write home about during January and February, but March is full of promise:

  • The garage potatoes died due to an unexpected growth spurt in the warm fall, followed by vines that didn't make it through the winter. But you know how potatoes are. The existing planting could resprout, or I will add additional potatoes to the containers to start my 2016 crop. Regardless, Mr. FC&G moved the potato containers out to the makeshift cold frame a couple of weeks ago.
  • I started kale and spinach in the sunroom last month, and it has finally started to take off, as you can see from the picture at the right. Just a couple more weeks, I estimate, until I can start munching on the baby kale I love so much. That will make for some wonderful (and cheap!) lunches, as I've been craving a greens sandwich.
  • The peppers and tomatoes have sprouted and are under grow lights, trying to get big enough for their May and June plantings. We did have one literal misstep, when a tray broke and spilled tomato seedlings everywhere, but I managed to get them sorted out.

Next up:

  • Peas need to go into their container and then move outside as soon as we stop getting these ultra-cold nights.  I've learned from hard experience that I need to wrap them in hardware cloth to keep the critters from eating the luscious little sprouts.

So, finally we are on our way to a much-needed reduction in food budget around here for a season.

What's growing in your garden?
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