Friday, December 8, 2017

How Much Does a Garden Grow: October and November 2017

Sigh.  I hate when the garden gives up, which, inevitably, it did in mid-October. Most of the tallies I'll share with you in this post are final, although we still have greens and peppers in the sunroom to give us a final boost.

Speaking of sunroom, we adopted a puppy! This adorable little nugget unfortunately likes to climb into the pepper plants, but I think I've managed to create a way to discourage him from doing so.  Nonetheless, I suppose it is time for me to line up a series of posts on sustainable dog ownership!

Regardless, October was our final month for tomatoes, and the big winner this year was the San Marzano crop, with over 38 pounds of harvest. Second was the Cuore di Bue (34 pounds) and the Principe Borghese (33 pounds). Obviously, these three types will repeat in the 2018 garden, with a new variety of Cuore di Bue that came from a friend (thank you, S!); hopefully, this will give me some even heavier tomatoes with better potential for sauce and juice.

Potatoes were a disappointment this year, but hope springs eternal.  I have potatoes planted in the sunroom, and these sorts of plantings often lie dormant until spring and then turn into the most wonderful early spring crops.

At the end of December, I'll give you the final tallies and the overall report.

Cumulative Totals

Total Ounces of Harvest: 4290.0
Total Pounds of Harvest: 268.125

Total Retail Value of Harvest: $973.59

Total Expenditures: (-287.67)

Total Profit (Loss): $685.92
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