Monday, December 20, 2010

Hand Warmers

Welcome to my final installment of Do Something Sustainable for the Holidays!

If you celebrate Christmas, you have less than a week to put your gifts and treats together, and today's idea is a familiar concept in stocking-stuffer size:  hand warmers.

These little gems are a small-sized version of bed warmers, just for your pockets.  I took two 4.5 inch squares of fleece per hand warmer, sewed them up like a pillow, then filled with rice and spice (a rhyme, no less!).  These I filled with rice and sage, which made my pockets smell a bit like Thanksgiving stuffing; as I've mentioned before, lavender and cinnamon/cloves are also nice additions.

Microwave these for a minute and slide them in your coat pockets for a little bit of warmth while you are out in the cold.  I actually wound up walking to my destination one 20 degree day last week, and my hands remained toasty on the entire trip thanks to these little guys.  That's why I wanted to recommend them to you as a last-minute sustainable gift!

The Analysis

Fast:  I sewed and filled this pair in about 20 minutes.  Since they were for me, I seemed the top with the machine; if you are giving them as a gift, you may want to hand sew the top with blind stitch, which will take a little longer.

Cheap:  Fleece from the remnant bin, homegrown sage, and bulk rice -- these are literally pennies a piece.

Good:  Warm hands made a mile and a half walk pleasant in cold weather.
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  1. If that isnt some of the most simple and handy things you could have if you have to go out like that, I dont know what is.