Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fleece Package Bows

Forgive me for giving you a frugality hint that may seem better suited for the pre-Christmas season, but this is really a multi-season tip, and it is simple:  use your fleece scraps for reuseable package bows.

What you see above is a scrap of fleece I thought was particularly pretty.  Since fleece doesn't fray, it doesn't need to be hemmed, so all I did was cut a straight strip off a remnant that I had no other use for.  The stretch, in this case, goes lengthwise down the piece, which seems to work well for tying a snug bow.  I used this one on Christmas and DH and I loved the look, so I plan to be on the lookout for other scraps that will make interesting reusable bows and ribbon.

By the way, take a look at that package.  My mother's frugal idea was to pre-wrap several shirt boxes (or at least the tops) a few years back.  We just open up the lids of these boxes, insert our present, and presto -- a wrapped gift in a reuseable box.  As the pre-wrapped boxes take some wear and tear, we unwrap the top and rewrap it, but we are getting a few years' use out of the wrapping paper instead of just one.  This works best for gifts within the family, where we all know the system.  Others still get gifts that they can rip open to their hearts' content, although they may also get a fleece bow.

The Analysis

Fast:  Reusable wrapping materials mean gift wrapping goes faster, a nice thing at Christmas but applicable all year long for birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays.

Cheap:  Every time I use a fleece bow, I save money on not buying a disposable ribbon and bow.  I've already purchased the fleece, so there is no new investment.

Good:  I like the look of the unique bows as well, so I think this one is a win in all three categories!
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  1. The family creative juices are always seeming to flow. You and your frugal Mother are very good at this type of thing.

  2. Thanks for using my idea and I particularly like your idea with the stretchy fleece. Think I am going to check the remnant sales in my fabric store so I can have pretty ribbons that may well be much cheaper then the ribbon I have been buying.
    Thanks for the tip!