Friday, January 21, 2011

Scared Spinach

It is cold here.  I mean 5 inches of snow yesterday, 4 degrees this morning cold.  The kind of cold that makes people like me want to huddle in front of a fire and weep until spring.

So naturally, a couple of weeks ago, I planted spinach.

I put the pots of spinach out in the sunroom to see if they would sprout, knowing that it would take a while, but also knowing that as of yet the sunroom has never dropped below 50 degrees during the day, no matter how cold it is outside.  I had hope.

Yesterday, I went into the sunroom to find that the spinach had sprouted, but all of my little newborn seedlings were root-tail up, with no leaves to be seen.  I figure the poor things started to sprout, took one look at the snow outside, and decided they wanted to go back to bed too.

So I threw some extra humus on top of them and brought them in the house to a cozy windowsill, where today they rewarded me by showing some leaves.

The lesson?  Never argue with the wisdom of a plant.
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