Monday, April 25, 2011

Ham and Pesto

You don't have to celebrate Easter to love a good ham, but it seems that everyone who even recognizes the holiday was queued up outside my local Honeybaked Ham store on Friday, waiting for the centerpiece of their holiday meal.  And with a ham that size, unless you have a really huge family, you are going to have leftovers.

To use up the leftover bone and butt, I will of course make ham stock.  I may even bring out my Tortellini and Four Cheese Sauce in the Style of La Trattoria.  But here is another idea that will also make good use of some of those little pieces of ham that are too small for sandwiches and too good to throw away.

Ham and Pesto
One box Ronzoni Healthy Harvest whole wheat pasta (50 cents from stockpile)
One container (half pint) pesto (from freezer from garden)
One clove garlic (from garden)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Ham pieces

Boil pasta.  Cook garlic and pesto together in bottom of now-emptied pasta pot until flavors combine.  Mix in pasta and ham, and cook until warm.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

The Analysis

Fast:  Pesto is always quick to make and makes a lot, so you have leftovers.

Cheap:  As you see above, my total outlay besides the ham was 50 cents.  (Remember, garden and preservation items don't count because I factor them into the grocery bill at the time of purchase of the plant, etc.)

Good:  Actually, this surprised me by being good.  It certainly isn't much to look at, either in pictures or in person, but it turned out really yummy. 
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