Friday, May 20, 2011

The Busiest Time of the Year


My apologies for the slimness of the posts this week.  Mid-May is always a challenge, bringing with it the confluence of busy times with three of my jobs:  a flood of work for Hilltop Communications, the pre-graduation excitement and craziness over at the college, and the planting season for the sustainable living garden, which provides probably 80% of our veggies for the year.  Every spare minute is spent doing something.

So, while I take a short break today, I thought I'd share with you how the tomatoes I planted last week are fairing.  That little guy above you last saw looking like this. He did get a little sunburn on the lower leaves, and he wasn't happy about the week of 42 degree temps that followed the planting, but as you can see he is getting new growth and is settling in pretty well.  The lesson is to not despair when your tomatoes show a little transplant shock; they almost always come out of it.

Tonight I plan to make Stewed Students for dinner, with the addition of some cilantro that has sprung up and grown like crazy.  And, I foresee a few more hours of broadforking the garden and planting tomatoes.
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