Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Worrying about Potatoes

It is a lazy writer who stoops to describing recent rains as "Biblical" in nature, but that is seriously almost the only adjective I can think of.  It has rained here in Ohio for days and days.  If you have a basement, it has flooded at least once.  We do not, but we've already cleaned a flood out of the garage once.  The people whose hobby it seems to be to create lawns that look like golf courses are cursing  the 8-inch high grass in everyone's yard; it is simply too wet to mow.

And I have been worried about potatoes.

I planted my seed potatoes about a month ago.  (This is after an embarrassing incident on vacation in which I was checking my email while sitting on the beach and saw a shipment notice.  Without thinking, I blurted out,
"Drat, the seed potatoes are sitting on my porch!"  I think this may have branded me a rube in paradise.)

I planted them as soon as we got home, and then it started to rain.  And I became convinced that I had just purchased $55 of really expensive compost in the form of seed potatoes.  I have been walking around the house fretting ever since.

But what you see above, in the midst of the mud and the weeds I can't go into the garden to get, is the first sprouts of potato plants.  See the pretty teal leaves?  They are all over my potato "patch."  It looks like at least half of my crop has sprouted, and if I can ever get out there into the garden, I will plant a few more potatoes I have sitting around that need a place to go.

We may get our potato crop yet.  Sometimes, the best thing you can see after a rain is not a rainbow, but a potato plant.
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