Monday, May 21, 2012

A Husband with Camo Netting

Mr. FC&G and I worked very hard on the garden last week.  ("Yeah, too hard to blog about it," you grumble.  Fair enough.)  But probably the highlight of project was his innovative use of camo netting, which you see at the right.

As always, we are in the process of claiming more of the backyard for garden space, and Mr. FC&G was busting sod to connect the main garden with the blueberry "patch."
I used this area to put in my zucchini seedlings, and I bemoaned the fact that, even though they were hardened off, it is hard on them to be transplanted when we have such sunny days coming up.

"What if I shield them with camo netting?" he asked.

Now, how many husbands will build your seedlings a little tent, and how many of those actually own camo netting?

You can see the results to your right, along with some cages to protect the beans until they are old enough to fend for themselves against the critters.

In other garden news, I put in 64 tomato plants, and I have to say I am more nervous than ever.  Last year was such a bad tomato year that I am terrified I have lost my tomato mojo.  I desperately need a more typical year of bringing in tomatoes in baskets and bowls and having an August in which I can tomatoes every other day.  We will have to see, but I have done my best.

What is growing in your garden?
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  1. Thistles. Is that the answer you're looking for? If only I could find a use for thistles.

    1. No kidding. Our property used to be farmland, and clearly the original farmer gave up because he couldn't control all the thistles/nettles/whatever they are.