Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Friends are the Best Renewable Resource

Well, I had my post all planned today, and I even hit the office early to write it, but I had a surprise waiting in my mailbox from an amazing woman:  Katy Wolk-Stanley.

I've never met Katy in "real life," but I feel I know her well through her blog, The Non-Consumer Advocate.  It is a wonderfully-entertaining blog; seriously, go check it out.  We'll wait.

Katy writes about her journey following The Compact, a lifestyle that minimizes the amount of new things one purchases.  Although this has Katy darning her share of socks, it also leads to some highly-entertaining visits to Goodwill, and some DIY furniture spruce-ups that are worthy of HGTV.  If you only looked at the "after" pictures on Katy's blog, you would swear she spends all of her time and money shopping in high-end stores.  Instead, she spends her time working as a nurse, blogging, and raising her family, and she spends extra money allowing her sons life-changing trips to Japan.  How's that for a cool mom?

Recently, Katy offered to run a 125x125 ad, for free for the month of December, to anyone with an Etsy store.  I took her up on the offer, and I had my best sales day to date the day she posted the ad; traffic figures suggest that she is in part responsible for this.  Then, when I couldn't seem to get text to appear on my ad image, she altered it so that my shop name appeared, as you see above.  She gave of her time to help out a stranger, and that is a pretty amazing thing.

When I send out notices from my Etsy store, I say "friends are the best renewable resource."  I really have received some tangible demonstration of this through Katy, and I plan to follow her popular blog for as long as she cares to write it.

Won't you help me show her some love and click over to her site?  I can't wait to see what she's done with her latest Goodwill find, or to learn more about how she is living one of the richest lives you can imagine on the resources she has available.

Thank you, Katy!
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