Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not Quite: Winter Potatoes

Remember the winter potatoes I was growing in the sun room?  I had it on pretty good authority that one could grow potatoes in one's garage, so of course I had to try it.

And there you go.  When the vines died back and I "harvested" Sunday, I had a whopping two ounces of potatoes.  Yippee.

And yet, you know that I'm going to try it again.  Given that I only used potatoes that had already sprouted in my potato bin, there were no "seed" costs involved.  I think perhaps starting the winter potatoes during the late summer, so they get some growth on them before winter hits, will be the better approach.  Also, since we now have grow lights in the sun room, a little extra light and heat are sure to help.

And, as Mr. FC&G points out, anything that preserves my sanity in the winter is worth it.

The Analysis
Fast:  The whole winter to get 2 oz. of potatoes?  I can do better than that.

Cheap:  Thankfully, there were no seed costs, but there is the expense of foregone space in the sun room that potentially could have been used to grow something more successful this winter.

Good:  Time to rethink and try again.  But I'm sure this is a viable idea, somehow.
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