Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shifting into Spring

See that scraggly vine?  That's what happens when a gardener has a long winter to get through; at one point in January, I shoved a potato in a hanging planter just to see what would happen and maybe add a little green to the sun room.  The result is a long, ugly vine.  But hey, I hadn't grown a potato vine with no hopes of getting a potato since that awful experiment they have you do in elementary school; you know, the one where you suspend a potato in a cup of water with toothpicks?  I still don't know how the teacher could stand that, with the smell of 30 rotting potato pieces filling the room.

But now it is officially spring, and the microfarm is up and running.  I have potato and tomato seedlings growing in the greenhouse, and we are eating regular salads out of the greens bed in the sun room.  This weekend, I plan to start some of the squash that is ultimately destined for the garden.  The dill is started, as are the peas and the container potatoes.  We are starting to bring some of the early crops in as harvest, so I will have a true "How Much Does a Garden Grow" column at the end of the month.

I feel so much better being able to get out and work on our property.    What are you working on this month?
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