Thursday, June 13, 2013

How Much Does a Garden Grow: May 2013

OK, really moving along here on the garden.  Of course, May is not a big production month for me, but you can see that we are starting to add some variety.  My greens that lived in the sun room, which I started in February (I think), finished up.  I got more than a grocery-sized bag of greens out of that small raised planter, so I'm happy with an extra eight ounces of greens in our diet.  I also got a few peas off the container vine that I planted, and a few strawberries off our largely-decorative container plants that flank the sun room doors.  None of the peas or strawberries even made it into the house, as I ate them while I worked.  There's some local eating for you!

In expenditures, I did spend some extra getting some plants that I either wanted for back up (like extra cucumbers) or some herbs and seeds for areas that I discovered remained unplanted even after the carefully-planned initial round went in the ground.  I would expect that I am done with expenditures for the year, give or take being tempted by some orphan plant on the shelf or some seeds for indoor greens.

So that leaves our tally for the month of May.  With just 19 ounces of garden produce harvested, I have saved a total of $8.22 over retail.  My balance stands at a loss of $270,49, which I do expect to recoup fairly rapidly.  If history is an indicator, I should break even some time around the Fourth of July, and August through October should be pure profit!

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