Friday, October 11, 2013

Sustainable Pin: Paper Towel Rack Bracelet Caddy

It is time for the return of our Sustainable Pin column!

I've wanted to try this pin for a long time; it has been on my Pinterest board for nearly a year.  Visit the original pinner's website here.

This is a paper towel holder for your kitchen, turned into a bracelet rack.  As I explained a while back in my article, "Is Organization Frugal?" organizing your belongings can be a great sustainability trick, because it puts your prized possessions where you can find them.  You are less likely to need to buy other things, and you truly enjoy what you have.

I love to collect bracelets.  Somehow, without my realizing it, I started to feel naked without a bracelet, and I always wear one or more when we go out or when I go to a meeting or to teach a class.  I have a lot of lovely ones, but I tend to forget some of them.

This is a great solution for me.  Yes, it has drawbacks -- your favorites will tend to stay on the top and your less-worn bracelets will sink to the bottom, but I think that's OK.  You still wind up seeing your entire collection, and you can enjoy it as an interactive piece of art!

Plus, I found a bamboo (sustainable material) holder that blends well with my dresser for only $7.99.  Pretty cool.
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