Friday, January 10, 2014

Results of the 2013 52-Week Money Challenge

So last year I, like many others, tried to do the 52-week money challenge, that little savings trick where you save as many dollars each week as that week's number in the year.  So, $1 for week one, $21 on week 21, and $52 on week 52. At then end, if you saved every week, you should have $1,378.  People report saving for their emergency fund or for their kid's college fund -- I saved out of my pocket cash for our vacation fund.

I did not completely reach the goal.  Last year I had the most uneven year I have had since starting my business.  I had one quarter in which I made almost nothing, followed by a fourth quarter in which I made half my income for the year and still wound up making as much as I typically do for the yer.  Obviously, there were many weeks I couldn't contribute at all -- all of my low numbers were taken up during the first weeks of the year, and it was very hard to catch back up.

The good news, however, is that I did almost catch up, and I am still pleased with the results.  Today, I took $1,090 to the bank to add to our vacation fund, and I look forward to spending some of it next weekend!  It is always so nice to have vacations paid for ahead of time, so you don't dread the credit card statements coming.

I'll be trying the 52-week money challenge again this year.  Will you?
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  1. Not bad. I guess you just missed some final weeks. I will be doing the 52-week challenge this year. Hope I can make it. Enough of my bad money habits: