Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sustainable Tool: the Eat'n Tool

I used to love to watch Alton Brown on the Food Network.  Brown always managed to amuse me with his dislike for "unitaskers" -- tools that would only do one thing.  Out with the panini press and the smoothie maker, and in with a griddle and a blender.  And somehow, Brown's philosophy sunk in, and I adopted it as part of my sustainability efforts:  no sense buying multiple tools if just one will do.

That's why I was thrilled, three days before Christmas, to discover the "Eat'N Tool."  And while this little beauty won't replace every tool, it is a wonderful option for people who need to keep a few tools in a small place.

The tool is a lightweight yet solid piece of metal that functions as a screwdriver, pry tool, metric wrench, bottle opener, and a spork.  It is just the thing to rescue you a minor mechanical emergency or car problem, or it can come in handy to tackle that sloppy joe that the drive-thru thought was a sandwich but you think requires a utensil.

I immediately ordered one for myself (for my purse/bug-out bag), one for my dad (who shows a car during the summer at events known both for engines and juicy cheeseburgers), and one for my father-in-law, who advises Boy Scouts on camping.  (I ordered from REI and got them all in time for Christmas!)

Although I haven't gotten a chance to use my tool in an emergency, I think this a great option to handle all sorts of surprises.  I particularly recommend this for my fellow ladies, since we often have less complete tool boxes than some gentlemen do.  This is a great starter for anyone who may have to do a couple of basic chores in a first apartment, too.  If you want one for yourself, click here.

(Note:  I bought this tool for myself and have received no compensation from either Eat'N Tool or REI.)
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