Tuesday, February 17, 2015

And the Rest of the Set-up

Forgive the rather impressionistic and broody picture, but this is to demonstrate that yes, I have a giant plant incubator sitting in my dining room.  And no, I'm not sorry.

I had to laugh at this thing; it's an indoor/outdoor standing cold frame that allows you to grow plants inside their own sheltered little environment while the weather is cold.  What it looks like is an old-school incubator like they used to use for infants born early back when I was a baby.  (They do a much better job today.)

The ultimate plan is to move this into the sunroom to shelter my little seedlings while we are on vacation this spring, then use it outside for a while to harden off my garden plants.  But right now, both areas are too cold for seedlings, so I'm putting my baby peppers and, soon, some baby tomato plants, in there with their heating mat to get a good start in life.

I'm completely out of my mind, I know.  But I love my plant babies.  :-)

Note:  I received a recent question at my Etsy store, where you can buy some of the seeds that I am currently starting, about whether it is too late yet to plant.  Generally, if you are in zone 6 and north, you can easily start your peppers this month and grow right along with me.  If you wish to do so, look for the Etsy link over at your right; don't forget to post pictures in the blog comments when your little plant babies get started too!
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