Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Revenge of the Sock Loom

One of my most popular posts of all time is The Sock Loom: No Thanks. The post has sparked a lively online debate about this little device, which is supposed to allow you to knit socks with very little knitting ability and a minimum of counting and marking of stitches.  As I said in the original post, I found the thing to be nothing short of a torture device, with sharp edges that cut into my stomach when I hold it while I watch TV, and an annoying tendency to drop stitches and create a run no matter how loosely I wrap the yarn or how carefully I work it.

It has been suggested that I try some of the many plastic looms on the market.  Let me assure you, I have tried.  I just counted, and I have at least six round plastic loom, one long "racetrack" shaped loom, and a small wooden one whose purpose escapes me at the moment.  Although these are kinder on one's fingers and stomach when knitting, I still find it difficult to make anything other than a tube or a rectangle with these looms. Now, to be fair, most of my knitting with needles involves tubes and rectangles, but then why do I need a loom?

The thought occurs to me that I should think of my stock of looms as prepper supplies.  If the zombie apocalypse comes, I will have enough looms to put many people in the neighborhood to work.  I'm not terribly worried about running out of yarn, because, based on the knitters I know, I do believe there is enough yarn currently stored in existing knitters' stashes to keep the entire world supplied with sweaters and socks for the foreseeable future.  That is, if we can all figure out how to knit something other than tubes and rectangles.

So tell me (especially if you haven't weighed in on the original post), have you tried a knitting loom? Do you like yours, or is it old school sticks for you?
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  1. I don't knit. But, I tried to use a loom. It is not for me, so I will just make socks out of some nice, soft knits I have.