Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coping with Cold Season the FC&G Way

Here we go again.  November starts the busy season for me, with extra work coming into Hilltop Communications, extra work and teaching at the second shift job, extra work on Carrot Creations to get ready for the holiday season, and the normal household responsibilities.  Then, almost predictably, Mr. FC&G has come down with a cold, and if this follows our normal pattern, I will get one soon enough in spite of our taking precautions about germ-sharing.

Therefore, today I thought I'd share a round-up of sustainable projects to help you weather cold season.  While I can't promise any of these will definitely prevent a cold, they will make dealing with it a bit easier.

Make Your Own Hankies:  I've noticed a distressing trend lately of people in offices leaving crumpled tissues within reach on their desks.  I'm guilty of this sometimes.  Maybe these tissues are used to wipe hands after a snack, but I'm afraid some of them are there because it seems wasteful to use a tissue for a single nose-dab and then throw it away.  It is, but yuck!

Make some of your own hankies.  Take a whole bunch of them to work, if need be.  You can easily use one once and then stuff it in your briefcase to bring home for laundering.  (Make yourself a little baggie or re-use a plastic grocery bag if you are squeemish about carryin the used ones around.)  Or, if you choose to use your hankie more than once, a hankie takes the stress of folding and storing in purse or pocket much better than does a flimsy tissue.  And homemade hankies are so much nicer to a sore nose!

Sage Noodle Soup:  With the antimicrobial properties of sage and the traditional anti-cold goodness of chicken broth, this is a great palliative when you are sick.  You will see that the first time out I resorted to packaged chicken broth; if you are the healthy one in the family and you have time to make chicken stock, this recipe will really turn out well.  Make a bunch of stock over the weekend while you are feeling well, then you will have the "fixins" for soup for a while.

Heat Up Some Bed Warmers:  Don't make a person feeling under the weather go to bed with cold feet.  Slide a warm bed warmer (or "knee thingie") in bed with them for comfort.  I love these regardless how I am feeling!
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