Monday, November 21, 2011

Mr. FC&G's Hot Toddies

Well, it was inevitable.  I caught Mr. FC&G's cold.  It makes sense; we share everything, and that includes the germs.

Luckily, Mr. FC&G was on the mend by the time I caught it, and he was ready with warm knee thingies in the bed and multiple birthday cakes, since I got sick on my birthday and consequently couldn't eat my cake as fast as he could "help" me.  (Gotta love a man that keeps making cake to be sure that you are satisfied!)  And, best of all, he made hot toddies.

I don't know what it was about this simple recipe, but every time he made me a toddy, I felt better and better.  I think we have decided to keep making and drinking toddies all winter, just to be sure we stay in tip-top health.

Mr. FC&G's Hot Toddy
1 mug herbal tea (I like chai tea for this)
raw honey to taste
scant 1/2 shot whiskey

Mix all ingredients in a mug and drink while hot.  Repeat as needed.

The Analysis

Fast:  This takes no longer to make than a mug of tea, so pretty speedy.

Cheap:  Frankly, I have no idea if this is cheaper than Nyquil or a similar over the counter medicine.  I do know that it worked better for me than do most of those cold meds.

Good:  I felt so much better after each of these toddies, all warm and pretty energetic.  They certainly have gotten me through the worst of a cold, and that counts for a lot.
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