Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Much Does a Garden Grow: November

In keeping with our new business-style accounting model for the garden, it is time to look at how much my microfarm garden grew in November:

What a difference a season makes!  Instead of bringing in veggies by the basket-full (no matter how pathetic this growing year was), I am now bringing them in in sprinkles.  My harvest for the month:

4 oz of medium leeks:  $0.50 per ounce, total $2.00
1/2 jar of dried thyme:  $1.65 equivalent
about a salad-worth of lettuce:  $1.00

Total:  $4.65

Actually, I am rather proud of this.  The funny-looking cold frame that Mr. FC&G built is doing a bang-up job of protecting the leeks (and probably scaring the neighbors); I saw the other day that I actually have new, thin little leeks coming up.  The leeks that I pull have definitely grown.

Also, a rather warm snap in November let the thyme plant keep putting out new growth, so I harvested a bunch and dried it, which I typically don't do in the winter.  But this was clearly new growth, so I didn't feel like I was taking much away from the plant.

Finally, keeping lettuce in the sunroom means that we can have an occasional fresh salad or bed for our fish.  That is nice.

And just because we haven't harvested a lot doesn't mean we are neglecting our veggies.  We have shifted to eating our canned and frozen veggies this month, with the end result that we really haven't purchased any fruit or vegetables in November.  I'll take it.

2011 Tally to Date: 126.69 lbs of crops; $249.36 saved
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