Monday, March 5, 2012

How Much Does a Garden Grow? February

February has come and gone, and with it, the first stirrings of gardening to add to our yearly tally.  First, the harvest!  Just like last month, I harvested lettuce once.  With enough for two small salads, I call this about an ounce of greens for 50 cents, based on prices for chard and specialty lettuces at my local grocery.  Not much to report, eh?

Expenditures, of course, are outpacing harvest this time of year.  I spent $3.99 on potting mix, $31.00 on seeds, and $3.49 on seed potatoes.  These potatoes are just organic potatoes from the grocery that I now have sitting in a box in a sunny part of my dining room, and I'm pleased to say that they are developing little roots and have turned a nice shade of green, so I think they will be ready to plant on St. Patrick's Day, as is the tradition.

My seedling peppers are not doing wonderfully, so I think I'll put in some more seed to see how many peppers I can get started.  That said, I usually plant way too many peppers for our needs, so this might be an excuse to use one or two of my large containers for another plant.  I had some luck last year with container tomatoes, so that is a possibility, as is the idea of a container potato.

Meanwhile, we have been fighting a mite infestation on the dwarf apple trees, but I think we have it in hand.  Mr. FC&G has started broadforking the garden in preparation for putting up the greenhouse this week.  Gardening has begun in earnest.

2012 Tally to Date
0.125 lbs. harvested
$1.00 value of harvest
-$116.31 loss to date
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