Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Device that Started it All

This is the device that really got me thinking more seriously about sustainable living:  my Misto oil sprayer.

I had always been interested in gardening and domestic projects, true, but a few years back I started thinking about those brand-name baking sprays.  Why was I spending $3 a bottle (albit occasionally) and potentially exposing my family and myself to breathing propellants when I could go a more natural route.  So, I picked up a Misto for under $10 and have never looked back.

If you are not familiar, the Misto can be filled with your choice of oil, then an air pump introduces enough air to allow the oil to be sprayed.  There are no propellants involved, the amount of oil used per spray is negligible (therefore cheap), and you have total control over what goes on your baking pans.

From there, the choices became more easy, as I decided to eliminate as many unnecessary "conveniences" as possibe in pursuit of a lifestyle I could sustain in more eventualities.  And it all began with my Misto.

The Analysis

Fast:  Using the Misto takes perhaps 15 more seconds than the commercial brands because you need to pump the mister full of air before you spray.  Think of it as a light mini-workout.

Cheap:  Once you make the initial investment of less than $10 in the device, you are set to spend a few pennies for the oil that used to cost you $3 or more in the commercial sprays.  Figure that the Misto has paid for itself after 4 refills.

Good:  Small steps that let you take control of your life and health are what we are all about here!

(Note:  This is an affiliate link below.  I am never compensated for product reviews; they are just things I like and want to share with you.  If you want your own Misto and want to support FC&G, consider shopping via the link below.  If not, feel free to shop around and support a local merchant!)

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  1. I really like the idea behind the Misto and I certainly agree with you about saving money and prevention of inhaling fumes; however, I didn't use them very often so my Misto got clogged. I bought another one and it happened again, so I decided that it wasn't worth it for me. Also, I noticed that my oil got rancid quickly as well. I don't know if it was because of the air being pumped into the bottle. My friend also had the same problem and she used it pretty often and she had the clogging problem. It was also difficult to unclog it as well. I'm glad that you are able to enjoy it!

  2. I'm really sorry to hear about the clogging problem. I've seen some similar reviews on Amazon, which leads me to think I may have gotten one of the "good" versions of the Misto and maybe they need to rethink their design. One way to avoid rancid oil is to store the Misto (and other cooking oils) in the fridge. Hope you have great luck finding the best solution for you!