Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inexpensive Home Decorating: Tile Coaster

While often I focus here on procuring the essentials in life in a way that is Fast, Cheap, and Good, sometimes it is fun to look at how we can get the little luxuries without breaking the bank.  What you see above is a custom-made coaster, and it was one of my first DIY projects over a decade ago.

Obviously, what it is is a piece of bathroom/kitchen tile to which I affixed little felt feet.  You can typically get individual tiles for anywhere from a few cents to $5 or so for the really elaborate ones, and a package of felt feet will be another buck or so. 

What I like about this is the ability to bring some of the fabulous design that you find on tiles into rooms that usually wouldn't have a tile element to them.  This one perfectly matches our blue bedroom; I have others made from tumbled marble in the living room and still other painted beauties in the spare bedroom.  It is a quick and inexpensive way to add a design element to every room, and it fits my belief that the best interior design comes from putting something beautiful everywhere you look in a room.

The Analysis

Fast:  Sticking feet on a tile should take two minutes.  The time is spent in the tile or home improvement store, and that is the fun part!  Or, you can always use up extra tiles from another DIY project this way.
Cheap:  Even the most expensive tiles won't set you back much, so here is your chance to bring these little works of art into your home.

Good:  Bringing beauty into your home is sometimes just as nourishing as bringing in great food.
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