Monday, March 21, 2011

Putting up the Greenhouse

Last weekend, we put up our pop-up greenhouse, and I just now have time to tell you about it.  For me, this is one of the best signals that spring is really here!

About five years ago, my folks bought us this pop-up greenhouse as an anniversary present.  It sits on a footprint that is six foot square, and we typically erect it in both spring and fall to extend the growing season.  This year, because we have the sunroom on the house acting as a greenhouse for seed-starting, we chose to put up the pop-up in the main garden.

So far, it has worked as planned.  After it was up for about five days (with the doors zipped shut), the soil was warm to the touch, and I planted peas and carrots.  I'm looking forward to seeing them sprout and get started growing with no interference from the rabbits and other critters.  I also think I can sneak an early tomato plant or two in there in a month or so to get a head start on that season. 

The Analysis

Fast:  The pop-up greenhouse goes up in about an hour, although it may take you longer the first time.  It is about the complexity of putting up a tent.

Cheap:  This one was a present, but I believe greenhouses of this size cost about $200.  I think it is a good addition to your garden, especially if it extends the growing season by 10 weeks (five on each end, conservatively).

Good:  I have enjoyed this greenhouse so much, and it has many years of life left!

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