Friday, June 1, 2012

Seven Blueberries

For going on three years now, I've tried to grow blueberries.  The first challenge was the Ohio soil; our soil is not particularly acidic, so blueberries don't naturally thrive in many places.  I believe I have successfully solved that problem with regular thick mulchings of pine needles, which I understand need to be applied at a depth of more than three inches before they begin to affect soil pH.

Then, it was the hard winter of 2010-11.  The rolling ice storms did nothing to help my tender bushes, and I lost a few in the process.

Then, last year, it was the critters.  One day I went out and thought that I would be picking blueberries the next day, and the next day I found that the birds and critters had the same idea, only they get up earlier than I do.  The bushes were bare.  My parents solved that problem this year by giving us a pop-up blueberry "tent" that covers our bushes and protects them until they finish fruiting.

So there you have it:  above you will see the beginnings of our blueberry "crop" for the year.  Yesterday I brought in 7 blueberries.  There are probably a few handfuls out there on my three little bushes, enough to have as a couple of snacks to brighten our afternoons.  But we finally have blueberries, and I will take it.
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