Sunday, June 17, 2012

Welcome, Preppers!

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!  I checked my blog stats yesterday and was flattered and honored to discover that no less august a publication than Survival Blog had mentioned me!  If you found your way here via Survival Blog, welcome aboard and please hang around as we explore ways to live sustainably, independently, and as ready as possible for any emergency.

If you are here because you consider yourself a prepper (or hope to be one), these are some of the pieces I've written on the subject:

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And a mini-series on our own experience with a catastrophic weather event:

On Being Prepared: Part I
On Being Prepared: Part II

As you can see if you read through this blog, I focus on prepping for some of the little emergencies of life, which I think is an approach compatible with my larger goal of sustainable living and independence.  The advanced preppers among us are already prepared for the big disasters:  global hyperinflation, major weather change or disasters, political unrest, and the like.  I hope, if you are one of these folks, you stick around and give us your expert assessment of some of the FC&G ideas.

For the rest of us, I believe in a lifestyle that makes each of us as self-sufficient as possible.  The more you learn to do, the better prepared you are for any emergency, and the more fulfilling your life will be.  I hope we never have any of the big disasters mentioned above; if we do, we have a better chance of weathering them, and if we don't, our efforts for independence will make our lives that much richer.

Welcome aboard to our new readers!  I'm glad you're here, because new friends are one of the best renewable resources we can have!

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  1. I'm proud to be a Prepper! Not on the Doomsday side, but more on the disaster preparedness department. We all know how big weathers can strike one city, right? Causing flash floods, and destroying structural buildings. Quite scary, and that's the reason why every one of us should prepare for such things that can actually happen. I like buying extra food such as canned goods and bottled waters for emergency use.