Friday, June 15, 2012

Vent Fan for Cooler Upstairs Rooms

If you have been reading this blog for any time, you are familiar with the fact that our upstairs bedroom has the worst air circulation in the whole house, rendering it as much as 10 degrees warmer than the foyer thermostat year round.  This is a real bonus in the winter, when I can crow about keeping the nighttime house heat on 57; we simply run a fire downstairs if we are going to sit there, and otherwise we cuddle up in our warm bed in our 60-something-degree bedroom.

The summer, however, is another story.  While everyone else is enjoying cool nights in the mid-60s, we are starting to swelter.  We turn the whole-house AC down, and we still resort to a window air conditioner to make things manageable.

This year, however, Mr. FC&G is trying one of these little beauties.  This is a fan that lays on top of your vent register, and it draws the air out of your ductwork into the room.  Since we know that the room below our bedroom is the coldest in the house, it is to our benefit to draw that pool of cold air straight up into the bedroom.

So far, we have not yet put our auxiliary AC unit in our bedroom window, and we are currently running the whole-house AC at night only, turning it off during the day.  The house has thus far stayed plenty cool, and I anticipate the bills will be somewhat lower.

The Analysis

Fast:  Just lay this fan on the register, plug it in, and let it go.

Cheap:  I anticipate that this inexpensive unit will at least pay for itself in savings.

Good:  A cooler bedroom in summer means a happier FC&G family!
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