Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How Much Does a Garden Grow: May 2012

OK, now we're talking!

Obviously, I am writing this in the first part of June, when the garden has really started to explode with produce coming in.  Just this weekend, I had my first day of 2012 during which I harvested more than a pound of veggies, so the garden season has begun in earnest to make a dent in the budget.

By the end of May, however, things had just gotten started producing.  As far as expenditures, I spent $25.14 on some extra seeds and some herb plants to replace those that didn't start well from seed or that didn't make it through the winter, like rosemary and basil.

As far as harvest, I brought in 3 ounces of assorted organic lettuces, and I have a new price for these:  my most recent price check shows $0.60 per ounce on such things if you purchase them organic, so that will be my price going forward until the next price check.  I also brought in 12 ounces of onions from our experimental patch, with a comparable price of $0.09 per ounce (on a phenomenal sale for organic onions, but I have to be fair).

The most interesting item is the first ounce of blueberries, which came in on May 31.  Blueberries are an item that is widely recommended to be purchased organic due to pesticide use in conventional growing, and the prices show it.  Organic blueberries are $0.50 per ounce at Trader Joe's, and I bet they taste nothing like these sweet little tidbits from our bushes.  More of that will show up in June.

2012 Tally to Date

1.5625 lbs. total harvested
$3.38 value of harvest for May
$7.04 value of harvest for 2012
$185.39 expenditures for 2012
-$178.35 loss to date
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