Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How Much Does a Garden Grow: April 2015

Spring is a time for preparation, not harvest.  This is certainly true of my tomato plants, which you can see in this picture from about three weeks ago.  I have three varieties of tomatoes growing currently, along with one pepper variety.

We finally return to our monthly tallies with a modest expenditure on seeds and soil of $55.64 this month.  This is far less than I typically have spent by this point each year, but I am growing more plants from saved seed, at a substantial savings.

However, it's not all in the negative, as I harvested 0.5 ounce of leek (I know, I know...) for a value of just under $0.10.

Cumulative Totals

Harvest, Ounces: 0.5
Harvest, Pounds: 0.03125
Harvest Value: $0.10 

Expenditures: $55.64

Totals Saved: ($55.55) (Total accounts for rounding)
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