Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How Much Does a Garden Grow: First Quarter 2015

Every gardening year is different.  While last year I was diligent about growing greens in the sunroom over the winter, this year kind of got away from me. That's why I haven't been reporting on my gardening progress much; I haven't done much to report.

As of today, I have three varieties of tomatoes growing: Cuor di Bue, San Marzano, and a volunteer strain that my friend named Yulia.  I also have paprika peppers growing from a strain that I have yet to name.  Obviously, none of these have borne fruit.

On the expenditures side, I really haven't purchased anything yet.  I'm due to buy some Neptune's Harvest liquid fertilizer, and I will no doubt buy some more peat moss when we start broadforking up the garden in earnest.  I also need to start laying in garden seeds; I'm due to put in a round of peas, although I tend to put those in later than most folks because they don't sprout as well in spring as they should.  I also really need to get the lettuce bed up and running.

So there you have it.  We stand at zero for 2015 so far, but we are poised to get going:

2015 Tally to Date:

Expenditures:  $0

Harvest:  0 oz.
Harvest value: $0

Net: $0
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