Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mr. FC&G's Soupy Beans

I'm not a legume person, which is actually a real tragedy for someone who is into sustainability, into saving money, and mostly vegetarian.  But Mr. FC&G is, and when he recently had a craving for a cheap and healthy way to use up the ends of our Easter ham, he called his mom (MIL FC&G) and got the recipe for Soupy Beans, which he made.

Soupy Beans
1 lb organic Navy or Great Northern Beans

Boil beans the night before and drain.  Cover with more water, and prepare as directed the following morning.

8 cups water
2 or more cups ham
1 cup finely chopped celery (which Mr. FC&G omitted)
2 Tbsp. dried marjoram (as a sub for the parsley we didn't grow)
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 bay leaf

Cook in slow cooker for 12-14 hours until beans are soft.  If you are doing this before leaving for work, put the cooker on high until you leave and then turn it back to low before you take off for the day.  That will get them ready a little earlier, in time for dinner.

The Analysis

Fast:  The recipe came together quickly and was easy to cook; the time was all slow cooker time.

Cheap:  Organic navy beans were $3.59 a pound, and a large organic onion was about $1.00.  We already had our leftover ham, so a huge pot of beans was about $5.00.  I'm not sure how many servings Mr. FC&G has had, but he's had about 6-8 bowls full and there's still some left in the fridge. He says this recipe used to comfortably feed a family of 6, so there could be 10 servings here.  Win!

Good:  Mr. FC&G thinks so, and that's what counts.  Now, to find a lentil recipe I will eat with him, because I do like lentils......

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